Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RSS Feed

Well, I have followed all the instuctions and in theory we now have RSS feed set up. Does it work? If not someone better pop over and give me a face to face tutorial!! First attempt saw me subscribe to my own blog!!!!! At least I know I have a reputable reader!


DaveB said...

I'm not sure what you're trying to do Phil but I was getting updates via RSS since your first post.

I didn't think you needed to do anything extra if you were using

I guess I'm saying "it works"

Sarah Stewart said...

That looks cool, Phil. I'm around most of next week if you want a quick F2F chat about it, but you've got things set up well here by the looks of it. The only thing I would change is the wording you have about the 'subscribe' buttons - something user friendly like "If you’re enjoying this blog, please consider subscribing for free!" which is what Sue Waters has on her blog. I think the word 'free' is a handy one.

I would also add the email subscription option, but I might have to pop by & show you how to do that, if you want.

I would also drop the 'archive' file below the 'who you are' file.

Graham said...

Hi Phil

Great to see you are tackling the technology. You have inspired me to develop into CE Blog into Polson Higgs.

Keep up the good work

phil said...

Thanks Graham - it does get a little addictive, though!!!I am now catching myself frequently saying " I must put this up on my blog". I do hope this will develop as an effective sounding board for some of the meaty issues. the discussion on student feedback has been helpful.

Sue Waters said...

Well done Phil. I've also been subscribed since your first post. As Sarah suggests I would definitely add a Feedburner Email Subscription since it means those who are more comfortable with emails will read your posts. I would also put the RSS feed and Feedburner email towards the top of the page.

Totally agree blogging is addictive.

hadashi said...

A good part of the addiction comes from receiving comments. This blog is already receiving a good number of contributions. As a CEO you have a somewhat 'captive' audience, or, shall we say, readers with a 'vested interest'.

What I've noticed with my own blogging is that you get less and less bothered about being careful with what you say. That's great for fostering an open discussion attitude, but every once in a while one speaks rather too freely. Someone then has a bone to pick about the foot in your mouth!

Leigh Blackall said...

it looks to me that Phil is trying to subscribe to other blogs.

I suppose you have seen the video: RSS in Plain English

If you have managed to subscribe to your own blog, you do the same with others. You need the addresses of other blogs to copy and paste into the subscribe box of the RSS Reader you are using. Your RSS reader should find the feeds ok. If it returns more than one feed, click the first one.

Here is a list of relatively active Otago Polytechnic staff blogs. But you don't want an echo chamber - you'll need more than just the staff blogs. Maybe will get you started...

While your position as CEO guarantees you a type of audience (reflected here by the relatively high number of comments you get each post) I think it is important for you to spend more time reading and commenting on other blogs and getting yourself out there and networked, establishing connections across sectors that will help you in the long run (just as it does in face to face life).

Sarah Stewart said...

Actually,Phil, sunscribing to your blog is a very good idea - one that I got off Sue Waters. That way you see what your post looks like to other readers. I have picked up on a number of mistakes that way.

Sarah Stewart said...

What I have just noticed is a neat new feature for beginners in Blogger. If you go to your dashboard, Phil, you will see that you are able to follow blogs. You can also see what people are following you using this feature. It might be a little easier to manage than starting a Google Reader or Bloglines account, although ultimately, that would be what I recommend.

phil said...

Thanks everyone for the tips for improving my blog, and my own use of it. I will hopefully sort things out better when I get home, and have more time to play!! I thought I would be lying by the pool doing just that, but ,alas, my wireless internet does not work over here!

tomalski said...

It works Phil - straight into my Google homepage. I'll be keeping my eye on what turns up through your posts with interest.

Tom Walter